11 Rice students hospitalized for alcohol

Eleven Rice University students were hospitalized during this year’s annual “Night of Decadence,” a student-organized Halloween party hosted by a dormitory. The event has occurred since the 1970s and is a student run party, and students of ┬álegal age are allowed to drink.

Rice, like many colleges, has struggled to change it’s alcohol culture, and even experimented with a hard liquor ban earlier this year. And yet, in sending eleven students to the hospital in the course of an annual Halloween party, eleven students were hospitalized. Rice officials said,

That is a large number. It is larger than it has been historically by a large amount actually, so we are concerned about that. We re-evaluate constantly. We are in constant dialogue with our student leaders to find the most effective ways to keep our students safe, to keep our students healthy. (And) to make sure that they have the proper information to make appropriate choices.

The ages of the students have not been released, and we will not use this as a forum for speculation. However, it is difficult not to recognize that increased restraint might not necessarily lead to responsibility.

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One Response to “11 Rice students hospitalized for alcohol”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    It’s bad that 11 young women and young men from Rice University have been sent to the hospital for irresponsible drinking. A ban on hard liquor does little to solve problems related to the abuse of alcoholic beverages. Universities have some power regarding alcohol consumption on their property but universities don’t have the power to implement solutions that will certainly work. If the drinking age was lowered to 18 and if alcohol education was required for young women and young men to consume alcoholic beverages, then binge drinking by college students would significantly decrease. Education and allowing people who should be old enough to drink alcohol are powerful solutions that would do a lot of good.