Alcohol enemas latest fad at college parties?

A nearly-fatal alcohol enema incident last week at a fraternity at the University of Tennessee has led to greater curiosity regarding college students’ alcohol consumption habits. While it is no secret that more than 1,800 students die annually due to binge drinking, this incident forces officials to consider other ways students might be chasing a buzz.¬†Irresponsible behaviors such as ingesting alcohol through the rectum or combining alcohol with prescription drugs increase the effects of alcohol and can pose even greater risks than binge drinking.¬†The unfortunate accident at the University of Tennessee indicates the heinous consequences of irresponsible consumption, and indicates that students must be taught to drink responsibly from someone other than their peers.

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2 Responses to “Alcohol enemas latest fad at college parties?”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    Alcohol enemas are the stupidest thing I have read regarding alcohol consumption. Hopefully, alcohol enemas don’t become a fad at universities. It’s terrible that 1,000+ young women and young men who were in college died per year because of binge drinking. College students need to know that mixing drugs with alcoholic beverages is dangerous. In order stop irresponsible drinking, alcohol education will have to be a requirement along with a drinking age of 18. Alcohol education should be the equivalent of what Choose Responsibility supports. With a solid alcohol education requirement and a drinking age of 18, irresponsible drinking by college students will significantly decrease.

  2. Ajax the Great Says:

    Alcohol enemas are just plain stupid. The whole thing screams “Darwin Award”, as does the thing some people in Scotland do where they pour shots of liquor into their EYES. That is taking binge drinking to a whole new level! Clearly, alcohol education is seriously lacking on both sides of the pond. And such education needs to start MUCH earlier than college, as evident in the fact that there are even some high school students who do alcohol enemas and other very dangerous drinking behaviors.

    Fortunately, these fools are NOT the norm among young people today. Unless the media creates a deviancy amplification spiral, that is.