An update from the front lines: Midnight, August 21

A quick update….

Our small staff of three has been under a deluge of media requests and public attention over the past 48 hours—a very happy problem! Our one regret is that we have not been able to respond to all requests and inquiries received so far, and that we have not be able to keep our members up to date as to how all of this coverage of [CR] and the Amethyst Initiative is unfolding.

Here is our best attempt at some highlights:

Over the past 2 days:
• We have received over 50,000 visitors to Amethyst Initiative
• We have received over 5,000 visitors to Choose Responsibility
• Over 500 new, enthusiastic supporters have signed on as volunteers and subscribers
• We have been featured live on CNN, FoxNews, NBC Nightly News, ABC Evening News, and the CBS Early Show
• We have given countless (well, when we are able to count we’ll let you know) interviews for stories appearing in newspaper, radio, and television outlets across the nation

In the midst of all of this coverage, and vicious attacks from MADD, we have added nearly 20 new signatories in support of the Amethyst Initiative.

And here is some of our favorite coverage, many of which are editorials supporting national debate on Legal Age 21:

WNYC Public Radio: Brian Lehrer Show

Scripps News Service
San Francisco Chronicle
Savannah Morning News

Panama City News Herald

Grand Forks Herald
Austin American Statesman
Mankato Free Press
Grand Junction Daily Sentinel
Baltimore Sun
Hartford Courant

Washington Post

This list is by no means exhaustive—in fact, it is barely scratching the surface. Please stay tuned as this coverage continues.

Our issue is gaining traction and momentum, and we are happy to have you on board. Let us know what you are hearing in your communities about the drinking age debate.

4 Responses to “An update from the front lines: Midnight, August 21”

  1. Michael Burmeister Says:

    Good, it’s about time things picked up. Keep working hard guys and gals.

  2. Ashley Hoppe Says:

    I am so glad this has picked up, my campus I know is trying to start the dialogue. Which has me very pleased, I was hurt by the alcohol policies at my school, and I wasn’t even drinking.

  3. Marshall Guthrie Says:

    Ditto, let us know what we can do to help.

    Bard College

  4. Aaron McCloud Says:

    And I just wrote to the editor of my local paper! It’s awesome this is finally getting going and taking off. Thank you so much for taking this on. We’ll do our part.