BC Gavel: Time to Reevaluate Legal Age 21

The editors of the BC Gavel, a progressive news organization at Boston College, seem to have been swayed by [CR] President John McCardell’s visit to campus last week. This morning, they endorsed a reconsideration of Legal Age 21:

“We cannot deny that the drinking age does affect a significant portion of the Boston College community as it forces many freshmen, sophomores, and even upperclassmen to ‘binge’ drink or ‘pregame’ behind closed doors because they cannot drink in controlled, socially healthy environments such as restaurants and sporting events…

…If alcohol consumption is seen as a natural part of life, instead of as something illicit and negative, then future generations will not see its abuse as a rite of passage. Rather, it would be a more seamless transition – not one necessitating the consumption of a life-threatening amount of alcohol.”

Check out the rest of the editorial and leave your feedback in the comments.

One Response to “BC Gavel: Time to Reevaluate Legal Age 21”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with education and licensing. The editors of Boston College’s BC Gavel are correct in that the ageist drinking age has affected and is negatively affecting those 18-20 and since many of them are in university, the ageist drinking age affects many university students. The ageist drinking has caused more consequences than it solved, if the law even solved any problems because currently, drinking alcohol is viewed as a rite of passage, thus causing abuse of alcohol.