Binge Drinking and Heart Health

Researchers at the University of Rochester may have discovered another negative consequence of binge drinking: hardening of the arteries and cardiovascular disease. According to a new study published in the October 18, 2008 issue of the journal Atherosclerosis, concentrations of acetaldehyde – a chemical produced by alcohol in the body – that remain in the bloodstream for extended periods (such as during binge drinking episodes) can increase the proliferation of monocytes, which play a role in hardening the arteries. Join Together has more details on the study.

One Response to “Binge Drinking and Heart Health”

  1. Corey Says:

    Parents have every right to supervise parties with alcoholic beverages and force kids to stay the night. Zero Tolerance is communist like and it represents a Police state just like 1970’s Eastern Europe. There’s a story of a Rhode Island couple called the Andersons who were lucky. A Viginia couple were jailed for 27 months for serving alcohol at their 16 year old’s birthday party. If they knew this, they would definitely want to supervise parties with alcohol!