Carmel Valley News: Rethinking a Failed Approach

Marsha Sutton, an education writer for the Carmel Valley News in California, tackled the issue of the legal drinking age in her column over the weekend. In her piece, she expressed her belief that policies focused on prohibition and scare tactics are not working:

“Too many lives are at risk each minute that we deny the obvious. When children die senseless deaths, it just takes our breath away. We have to find an effective way to help kids navigate this perilous path, and we must present our case in ways they’ll be receptive to. And strict prohibition or lies about consequences aren’t cutting it.”

Visit the San Diego News Network to read her whole column – it’s a worthwhile read for any parent who would like to learn about the challenges and difficulties posed by Legal Age 21.

One Response to “Carmel Valley News: Rethinking a Failed Approach”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with an alcohol education program. The current drinking age, which is ageist, encourages binge drinking by those 18-20, sometimes leading to death in university. There are much better solutions than scare tactics and prohibition for those 18-20, as Marsha Sutton has pointed out. Debate is necessary because debating the drinking age is controversial. The drinking age has to be where it must be, 18, along with instilling alcohol responsibility to young adults.