Chippewa Falls-Herald on Wisconsin’s Drinking Culture

If you’re a Wisconsin resident, check out the Chippewa Falls-Herald‘s upcoming week-long series on the local drinking culture and the state’s battle with toxic alcohol consumption. According to reporter Liz Hochstedler, 18% of Chippewa County residents over the age of 18 engage in binge drinking, and the Western region of the state typically has higher percentages of binge and underage drinking than the rest of Wisconsin. Pamela Radcliffe, a local substance abuse prevention expert, said that binge drinking has become the norm: “People are so accustomed to heavy drinking.”

Recently, some lawmakers in Wisconsin have proposed legislation to help make a positive change in the culture of heavy consumption. What more do you think can be done?

One Response to “Chippewa Falls-Herald on Wisconsin’s Drinking Culture”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with an alcohol education program. Binge drinking must be recognized for its consequences and not as responsibile alcohol consumption. Wisconsin has a moderately high level of binge drinking and “underage” drinking but the culture surrounding alcohol there should improve. The bill which would only let those 18 and over drink in licensed bars is wrong and must not become law because that’s the same kind of argument which was used to raise the current ageist drinking age.