Cornell President on Student Health

Cornell President David J. Skorton recently wrote a candid synopsis for the Huffington Post regarding the ways in which colleges can improve the health and wellbeing on their charges. Skorton’s essay focuses on four problem areas for students: high risk drinking, hazing, mental health problems, and concussions (primarily in athletes). Hazing and mental health problems, one could argue, are also linked to high risk drinking.

Skorton claims that although curfews and dress codes have gone by the wayside, colleges must maintain their responsibility to give students freedom within a framework. That is, they must hold students accountable for their actions yet allow students to make their own choices. The problem areas Skorton discusses are fodder for debate on the age of majority and the age in which students can reasonably make their own choices.

One Response to “Cornell President on Student Health”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    The wellness of college students at campuses can be improved without the need for rules universities had decades ago. Cornell President David J. Skorton knows the biggest problems that university students have. Young women and young men who are in college should have the freedom to have their own choices. They should have that freedom because if they graduate, they should be prepared to make decisions that will have to be made. Accountability has to be part of reducing problems which college students have so the excuse that they are too young to know what they did should never be a credible excuse for bad behavior.