[CR] and the National Conference of State Liquor Administrators

The National Conference of State Liquor Administrators held their annual convention this past week in Chicago, and MLDA 21 was a major topic of discussion.  Our very own John McCardell was there to argue towards a lower drinking age, meeting opposition from the American Medical Association and others.  The convention has received a lot of coverage, and we encourage you to check out Fox News and ABC News links for some video clips and more information about the drinking age discussion.


Also, to see a more in-depth interview with John McCardell, and to hear more about [CR]’s position on the drinking age, take a look at this clip from Chicago Tonight on WTTW11, PBS Chicago.

One Response to “[CR] and the National Conference of State Liquor Administrators”

  1. Michael Burmeister Says:

    The ABC video was fairly one-sided in favor of MADD and staying at 21. At least Fox News attempted to be neutral by actually telling both sides.

    We should penalize adult individuals based upon their actions with alcohol, not on their age. There is no reason why a competent and mature 19 year old should be denied alcohol for the sole reason being because he is 19. Meanwhile we can serve pregnant women, convicted drunk drivers, and alcoholics so long as they are over 21. It doesn’t make sense and it’s taking the completely wrong approach.