[CR] Pres. Barry Seaman on WWBY Baltimore

Barry Seaman, [CR] President and author of Binge: Campus Life in An Age of Disconnection and Excess, participated in a conversation with WWBY Baltimore and David Jernigan, associate professor and director of the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, John’s Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Seaman and Jernigan were prompted to have a frank conversation on the realities of alcohol on college campuses after 28 University of Maryland students were hospitalized for binge drinking during the first two weeks of the semester. Although The Amethyst Initiative has been met with opposition, WWBY choose to host this conversation because of the obvious disconnect between the legal drinking age and the implications it has on student, and adult, health.

We’ll be posting a synopsis of the conversation tomorrow, but we invite you to listen now and join a conversation about the radio program on Facebook tomorrow. Click here to listen. 

One Response to “[CR] Pres. Barry Seaman on WWBY Baltimore”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    The drinking age should be lowered to 18 with restrictions. I listened to the debate and Barry Seaman didn’t get enough time to debunk what David Jernigan, including the person who used to work with MADD said. David Jernigan is an ageist for calling college students “kids”. No one who is 18 or older is a “kid”. There is the potential for a successful drinking age of 18. To do this, alcohol education would have to be required, there would have to be a price floor for alcohol and advertisement would have to more regulated. With these good recommendations, the drinking age of 21 should be seen as much more ageist. David Jernigan defends a drinking age that is not worth defending but he should be know that a drinking age of 18 can certainly go along with the recommendations he made. What a miss!