CR President Barrett Seaman on HuffPost Live TODAY!

CR President Barrett Seaman will participate in a conversation on HuffPost live TODAY at 12.30pm ET to discuss Colorado State Senator Greg Brophy’s proposed bill to legalize consumption for people 18-20 in the presence of their parents. According to the Huffington Post, the bill comes from the place of a concerned parent who sees the difficulty in imbuing his child with responsibility if he cannot teach her himself. Hence, he proposed the bill after taking his 20 year old daughter to dinner and not being able to share a glass of wine with her. And on Friday, he wrote on his Facebook page,

 Why is it appropriate for the State to deny parents the ability to show their adult kids how to responsibly consume adult beverages in a public setting? Those same kids are often turned completely loose to attend college hundreds of miles from home and completely unsupervised. Those same kids will be able to consume adult beverages completely unfettered on their 21st birthday. (ignoring the fact that they will have nearly unfettered access between the time they leave your home and that 21st birthday) Why on earth would you want to deny responsible parents the chance to expose their own kids to the effects of this product while with their parents?

Senator Brophy has taken a bold step towards empowering parents to teach their children to drink alcohol responsibly BEFORE they are “taught” to drink by their peers. Watch Barrett Seaman respond on HuffPost Live today by clicking here.


One Response to “CR President Barrett Seaman on HuffPost Live TODAY!”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    Greg Brophy is an ageist for calling young women and young men who are 18-20 years old “kids”. I support his bill to allow young women and young men to drink an alcoholic beverage with parental supervision. I support nothing less than a drinking age of 18 in states and territories where the age of majority is 18. It’s bad that there are states where young women and young men can’t drink an alcoholic beverage with parental supervision. That’s age discrimination and nothing less. It’s good that Barrett Seaman was on HuffPost Live to support sensible policies regarding responsible alcohol consumption.