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Happy Friday, everyone. Here at [CR], we’ve been busy following up on our 60 Minutes appearance last weekend – again, if you haven’t seen it, the full segment is here, and there are two bonus clips from the segment available as well. Now that the segment is over, are you ready to dive in and get involved? Join the [CR] staff this coming Wednesday night, March 4th, at 9 PM Eastern for a live chat to give us feedback about the segment and to talk about ways to get involved in our growing movement. We hope you can join us! Here’s the latest [CR] Week in Review to keep you informed until then:

Stories this week:

There’s still plenty of buzz about our appearance on 60 Minutes and our movement swirling in different online communities. Check out the discussions on US News and World Report Online, liberal blog Daily Kos, AOL Finance’s Wallet Pop blog, and Ed Morrissey’s conservative blog Hot Air to join the discussions.

John Andrew Willis’ headline from his latest column in the TCU Daily Skiff sums up the problems with Legal Age 21 perfectly: “Success of Prohibition Only an Illusion.”

Alfred Snider of the Lawrence Debate Union at the University of Vermont posted video of the LDU’s latest “Flashpoint” debate on lowering the drinking age to 18. Check out the video here.

Legal Age 21 creates a “criminal majority” of people under the age of 21, according to William and Mary Flat Hat columnist Ed Innace. He writes, “The fact that our criminal activity is commonplace, sanctioned by the moral norms of our generation, and tolerated by authorities to a large extent, reveals that drinking restrictions, at least in their present form, are not respected as a just law. A law that is perceived as unjust by a large segment of the population has pernicious consequences.”

Scott Hansen of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s student paper The Spectator wrote a preview of an upcoming economics study from UWEC Professor Sanjukta Chaudhuri that will address the connections between collegiate binge drinking and parental alcohol consumption habits. Drew Bowlsby, one of the assistants on the study, said the project will attempt to find out “if people’s parents have acted in such a way we may be able to see that it influences their behavior.”

In other news…

Researchers at the UCSF Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center may have accidentally stumbled upon a drug to help treat alcoholism. Cabergoline, a drug initially developed to treat fertility disorders, may help lessen the cravings for alcohol that people in treatment experience. Science Daily reported that “the researchers found that cabergoline was effective in reducing both craving for alcohol and relapse to drinking. Relapse is a critical issue for alcoholic patients trying to stay abstinent.” Check out the whole article for more.

John Skogerboe of The Day in Connecticut wrote about a strange trend in area grocery stores: retailers are selling ping-pong balls in their beer aisles, capitalizing on the popularity of binge drinking games like beer pong.

Lots to discuss this week – did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments, or tell us in Wednesday night’s chat!

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  1. Edwin Says:

    Fortunately, the 60 Minutes episode on the serious discussion of the ageist drinking age generated a new swing towards our important campaign. In addition, researchers at UCSF did a correct mistake by discovering a drug that lowers one’s alcoholism. Drinking games, other than being unsanitary is also alcohol abuse which further encourages irresponsible drinking. Finally, the drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with the program and success will only be achieved if these acts take place.