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It’s been a busy week here in the [CR] office – we’ve received a tremendous amount of support in the days after the recent Colbert Report interview. Our [CR] merchandise has been flying off the shelves – check it out here if you’d like to show off your support with an official [CR] t-shirt or hat. For the latest news about [CR] and the issues of binge and underage drinking, here’s this week’s edition of the Week in Review:

Stories this week:

On Thursday, Andy Dworkin of OregonLive.com picked up on the recent comments made by [CR] President John McCardell in reaction to the increase in alcohol-related hospital visited in Pennsylvania.

More evidence that the buzz about the Amethyst Initiative continues to grow: listen to U-Talk 107.1 FM North Carolina’s latest “After-Action Report: Amethyst Initiative at Duke and UNC,” and read an article about the growing support for a debate about legal age 21 at Capital University in Ohio.

Abel Delgado, a contributor at NextGenGOP.com, has a bold idea for the Republican Party: he thinks GOP leaders should “legalize the college reality” by respecting the rights of adults age 18-20 and lowering the drinking age to 18. What do you think – how much could the Republicans gain from adhering to their traditional philosophy of individual freedom and states’ rights?

In other news…

Lynda Grant Killingworth’s recent letter to the editor in the Panama City News Herald puts our problems with alcohol bluntly: “Binge drinking is bad and getting worse.” Recent events prove her point: Justin Delval, a sophomore at the University of Texas A&M, was found dead in a drainage ditch after a night of heavy drinking while he was vacationing on Spring Break with his friends in Panama City.

Read about the Remember Last Night campaign, a student-led initiative to curb reckless drinking at the University of Connecticut, in the Monday edition of this week’s Hartford Courant.

In a series this week called “Stressed Out? How the Economy Wears You Down,” Melissa Healy of the Los Angeles Times wrote about the possible relationship between economic downturns, heavy drinking, and addiction.

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One Response to “[CR] Week in Review”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The Colbert Report did the correct thing by having John McCardell for interview. More attention to lowering the drinking age is good because there can’t be any silence on the subject because of the alcohol abuse caused by the ageist drinking age which must be 18. In addition, the Republican party can do well by recognizing the rights of those 18-20. Finally, the drinking age must be lowered to 18 with the alcohol education program implemented because of fatal alcohol abuse.