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Major preparations are underway for Choose Responsibility’s appearances at the upcoming ALEC and NCSL conferences in Atlanta and Philadelphia. Here in our Washington office, we’re starting to pull together some new materials and different technologies that will allow us to make the most of these two events. Remember, you can help us get there – join our fundraising campaign on Change.org to find out how. If you’re able to raise $100 by July 15th, we’ll send you a free [CR] t-shirt just to say thanks. Here are the latest headlines from around the country:

Stories this week:

Alex Ebert of the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote about the University of Minnesota’s new policy that bans all alcohol sales at the new TCF Stadium. Interestingly, the news received a mixed reaction from the Star Tribune’s readership: Gina Stocks of Edina, MN, wrote, “Perhaps Minnesota could choose to be a leader in encouraging people to make responsible choices in an equitable environment. It seems to me that binge drinking and alcohol availability at the stadium are two very separate issues. As a parent, I believe that the former should be the one the U concerns itself with, not the latter.” What do you think of the new policy? Is the alcohol ban a good idea, or will the policy encourage more binge drinking prior to games?

More letters to the editor this week: Taylor Blackwell wrote to the Chicago-area Daily Herald about the “massive failure” that is Legal Age 21. Blackwell would rather see parents have the opportunity to educate their young adults in a meaningful way: “Let parents teach their kids moderation while they are still at home. It’s almost impossible to contain it using law enforcement. The harder police crack down, the farther underground they drive it.”

We’re not in a position to offer comment on Carlos Watson’s recent health care proposal at The Stimulist, but we certainly agree with his reasoning on the drinking age: “In short, it is high time that the U.S. got with the rest of the world not just on universal health care, but a sensible drinking age. This ‘new era of responsibility’ demands nothing less.”

In other news…

Dr. Neil Bernstein’s column in the Wednesday edition of the Washington Examiner highlights the difficulties parents have in trying to teach their young adults about responsible alcohol consumption under Legal Age 21. After all, if parents “loosen the reins a bit,” they’re condoning lawbreaking behavior. Perhaps it’s time to consider a change so that parents won’t have to send mixed messages about alcohol?

Check out the Charlotte Observer‘s report on a recent teen health survey done in North Carolina – the results indicate that binge drinking is on the rise.

Did we miss something in this week’s updates? Leave us a link in the comments if you have a news story to share.

One Response to “[CR] Week in Review”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The University of Minnesota shouldn’t have implemented a policy at their stadium which prohibits the sale of alcohol. Although alcohol abuse is a problem, prohibition is not the answer. In addition, Tayler Blackwell is correct that the ageist drinking age is a failure, along with Dr. Neil Bernstein’s idea. The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with an alcohol education program. The obvious consequences of the ageist drinking age are appearent in which young people increasingly chose binge drinking.