[CR] Week in Review

Right now, [CR]’s Idea for Change in America is in 3rd place in the Human Rights category of Change.org’s 2nd-annual contest. If you can help keep us in 3rd place between now and February 18th, we’ll advance to the next round where our proposal will become part of the group of the 60 most popular ideas. Have you voted yet? If not, visit our idea page to lend your support to [CR], and then check out the rest of this week’s headlines.

Stories this week:

South Dakota State Rep. Tim Rounds has introduced his bill to create a special class of licensed establishments for 19-20 year-olds. David Montgomery’s report in the Capital Journal lays out all of the details. One former state’s attorney offered qualified support for the bill, saying, “If we’re not going to lose our funding, I support it…all (current law) does is put kids in the car, and there’s a lot of violence that occurs in these parties outside of town.”

Hanover, New Hampshire’s proximity to Vermont made The Dartmouth staff writer Emily Fletcher curious about [CR]’s recent efforts in her neighboring state. This week, she wrote about the January 21 House Committee hearing, and spoke to two Vermont state legislators about the conversation developing in the legislature. Rep. Margaret Cheney of Windsor said, “A lot of us feel that the current drinking age causes problems of its own, not the least of which is binge drinking.”

Marcus Garner of the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported on the recent death of Kennesaw State University student Dorian Varcianna, which investigators believe may have been the result of alcohol poisoning at an off-campus fraternity party.

In other news…

Students and staff recently came together for a meeting to discuss campus-wide alcohol policies at the University of Missouri. The President of the University’s Student Association noted that there is a gap between official policies and the realities of alcohol at Missouri: “Right now, we have what many consider a dry campus. I think that is obviously not true, from my past experience and I think I can say that a lot of people feel the same way.”

The Wisconsin legislature is currently considering a proposal that would add private colleges and universities to the list of places exempt from a law that prohibits the owner of a public place from allowing the consumption of alcohol unless the owner has a permit. Matthew Defour of the Wisconsin State Journal covered the pros and cons of the proposal earlier this week – let us know what you think.

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One Response to “[CR] Week in Review”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with education and licensing. I voted for that idea on change.org so I hope it goes to the next round. The bill in South Dakota must become law and that state’s former state attorney is ageist for saying “kids” to describe those 18-20. The meeting of students and staff at the University of Missouri has shown that binge drinking happens regardless of university rules. Since there’s binge drinking in universities, the bill in Wisconsin might not be a good idea.