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This week was a historic week for supporters of the drinking age debate. The Vermont Senate passed SR 17, a resolution urging Congress to create waivers to the federal highway funding penalty attached to the drinking age for states that would like to explore alternatives to Legal Age 21.

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Stories this week:

Dr. McCardell was in Madison last night to give a presentation at the University of Wisconsin. His presentation was part of a two-day event focused on the drinking culture among UW students, and Emily Bradley of the Badger-Herald laid out the plans for the event in yesterday’s edition.

Earlier this week, Jason Hanna spoke to parents about the dilemmas they face when trying to educate their young adults about alcohol use while trying to abide by a 21 year-old drinking age. When Hanna asked one parent if she thought it was likely that her children would abstain from alcohol until they turn 21, she said, “I don’t think that’s a reality in this world.” Check out his feature story at CNN.com for more.

In case you missed it, make sure to read Rochelle Eisenberg’s Baltimore Jewish Times cover story on pre-gaming and toxic drinking, which was published online last weekend.

In other news…

The editorial board of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune believes that the Minnesota legislature should stop interfering in University business and should allow the University of Minnesota to operate the new TCF Bank Stadium and determine its own alcohol sales policies. What do you think?

Cynthia Berger, the Director of News and Public Affairs Programming at WPSU-FM in State College, PA, has helped organize a wide-ranging community forum on the topic of toxic underage drinking at Penn State University. To be a part of the conversation, which will include a live studio audience and online participation from listeners, visit WPSU’s website at 6:30 PM on Sunday.

The Daily Iowan approves of the University of Iowa’s new first-year orientation program on underage drinking, which will combine previously-separated parent and student groups for the first time starting this summer. “We want to foster conversations they can have in the car on the way home,” said Sarah Hansen, the University’s Director of Assessment and Strategic Initiatives. The editors wrote, “At least a few university officials understand that the best alcohol education happens between parents and students. We praise this approach, because it strengthens what parents should have been doing all along with their children.”

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One Response to “[CR] Week in Review”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with education and licensing. The ageist drinking is the obstacle which prevents parents from practicing with their daughters and sons when it comes to drinking alcohol responsibly. To stop rowdiness in stadiums, security is needed and not a prohibition on alcohol at the University’s of Minnesota’s stadium. The first year-orientation at the University must treat young women and young men as adults. If the program emphasises abstaining from alcohol, then it’s no good.