[CR] Week in Review: College

We hope all of our readers were left unaffected by the tornadoes that moved through the Southeast yesterday. [CR] sends our thoughts to those who were put in harms way.

As you settle in and enjoy your weekend, be sure to check out these articles pertaining to college drinking.

Colleges are working to curtail binge drinking during spring break, which is often a week where heavy drinking is prevalent. Santa Fe College will host a pre-spring break event to address safe behavior. Read about it here.

Energy drinks and alcohol are popular among college students because of the quick buzz they offer. However, the drinks can be toxic, as reported here.

And finally, Indiana college students help push a Good Samaritan bill through the Indiana state legislature. The bill enables people to call for help in a situation where alcohol is involved (or someone is intoxicated) without the facing criminal charges. Several other states have passed similar bills, which encourage students to make alcohol harm reduction their first priority. Read the full article here.

Have a great rest of your weekend, and stay safe!

One Response to “[CR] Week in Review: College”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    Encouraging alcohol responsibility is important and because spring break is associated with binge drinking, Santa Fe is doing a good thing. If this sort of program or similar program were carried on a larger basis, then responsibility will conquer alcohol irresponsibility. It’s good that Indiana’s legislature has passed a bill which would not prosecute young women and young men who have been injured because of binge drinking. This bill is important because making sure a student is saved, rather than die, as in many times, is a much better outcome.