CU Boulder to reconsider land use policies

The University of Colorado, Boulder is seeking to curtail campus binge drinking, which in which roughly 23% of the student body partakes, by reevaluating zoning near campus. Altering the density of establishments that serve alcohol could help reduce rates of binge drinking, officials say.

Donald Misch, assistant vice chancellor for health and wellness at CU, said, “The greatest threat your child faces in college is probably alcohol.” He and his staff seek to reduce this danger, and time will tell if their measures lead to effective changes.

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One Response to “CU Boulder to reconsider land use policies”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    The police officers of Boulder have a backwards view on parental supervision of daughters or son regarding alcohol. With parents supervising their daughter or son while drinking alcohol, responsibility is practiced and that stays with the daughter or son. The University of Colorado should not be treated like a school when it comes to zoning laws for bars.