E.R. Series Finale Addresses Binge Drinking

The producers of the long-running NBC show “E.R.” decided to base last week’s series finale on the story of Shelby Allen, a young adult who died of alcohol poisoning last December. In the final episode, “And in the End, Part 1 & 2,” doctors treated a teenager who had been playing drinking games for alcohol overdose. More and more people are becoming aware that binge drinking is a growing problem, and this episode showed that it needs to be treated as a serious issue with wide-ranging consequences.

You can visit Join Together for more details, and be sure to checkout Shelby’s Rules, the non-profit organization founded by Shelby’s parents that aims to educate young adults about the dangers of binge drinking and the signs of alcohol poisoning.

One Response to “E.R. Series Finale Addresses Binge Drinking”

  1. Edwin Says:

    It’s good that “E.R” has decided to showcase the death of Shelby. In addition, binge drinking games must become unpopular so that a culture of alcohol responsibility can be created. The drinking age must be lowered to 18 and the alcohol education program implemented. If these proposals, which must be implemented, are implemented, then there will be an effective drinking age recognizing the age of majority. Finally, don’t forget to comment every blog post you read.