From the Archives: Testimonial


“While in college I decided I wanted to help create a society where alcohol is used but not abused. I believe that the legal drinking plays a large role in how our society treats alcohol and that the current age causes abusive drinking. I also believe that the legal drinking age is a decision that should be left to the states as they can each experiment to determine the correct alcohol policies.

“A driving factor in my desire to change the legal drinking age may be the fact that I was arrested and forced to spend a night in jail because I was caught consuming alcohol at the age of 20. My friends and family get a kick out the fact that this Eagle Scout, altar boy, high school valedictorian, and otherwise very well behaving young man spent a night in jail for something that would have been completely legal if I had been 5 months older. They especially enjoy the fact that I walked directly from jail to church, as I never miss mass. I also fight for a lower drinking age because I can see how differently my friends and I treated alcohol before we were 21. The law didn’t prevent us from drinking it only reduced the number of occasions to drink. This meant that when we did have access to alcohol we consumed all that was available as we weren’t certain when we could drink again. After we were 21 we knew we could always obtain alcohol and quality became much more important than quantity. If drinking became something that we are taught rather than being pushed underground I believe fewer young people would drink abusively.”

~Adam Stephan

3 Responses to “From the Archives: Testimonial”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    Adam Stephan is correct and the drinking age should be lowered to 18. Although he was arrested for “underage” drinking, he only spent a night in jail, which is better than what ageists want. Ageists would probably like young women and young men to spend a month in jail for drinking alcohol. I believe that states and territories should have their own laws about alcohol. The federal government should only get involved for interstate purposes. For example, if states have been unable to find compromise on alcohol laws, then the federal government should step in. The drinking age of 21 does harm so Adam is right to say that alcohol is treated wrongly because of the high drinking age.

  2. Ajax the Great Says:

    I have heard/read some ageists want the penalty for underage drinking to be even harsher than that. In fact, in some states it already is–in Texas you can get 6 months in jail, and in Washington State you can get up to a whole year behind bars. For a victimless crime, that’s just insane! And in many states, it stays on your record for life since you are tried as an adult at 18–talk about hypocrisy! Remember, you can get over an addiction, but (in many states) you’ll never get over a conviction.

    Let America be America again, and lower the drinking age to 18. If you’re old enough to go to war, you’re old enough to go to the bar. ‘Nuff said.

  3. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    Washington state sounds like a state of oppression.