Glenn Reynolds to Obama: Don’t Mandate Legal Age 21

After President Obama officially took office, the editors of the Wall Street Journal published a series of commentaries by leading pundits and political figures on their hopes for the new administration. Glenn Reynolds, University of Tennesse law professor and editor of the libertarian blog Instapundit, made one policy proposal: “eliminating the federally mandated drinking age of 21.” Reynolds wants take “a step toward honoring the Constitution” by returning control of alcohol policy to the states.

UPDATE: J.D. Tuccille of the DC Examiner joined Reynolds in calling on President Obama to re-think Legal Age 21.

2 Responses to “Glenn Reynolds to Obama: Don’t Mandate Legal Age 21”

  1. Edwin Says:

    I support the people listed above in supporting to repeal this ageist law that has eroded the 21st amendment of the Constitution in order to deprive 18-20 year olds the privilege of consuming alcohol. I believe the current drinking age has established huge contempt on 18-20 year olds and thus has encouraged alcohol abuse. Choose Responsibilty’s plan must be implemented and it must be implemented after the National Minimum Age Drinking Act gets repealed. Don’t forget to comment.

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