HAZE: The Movie

Just over four years ago, Gordie Bailey arrived on campus at the University of Colorado. Like any other first-year student, he was earnest and excited for the new friends and experiences that his freshman year would bring. Sadly, though Gordie would have been a graduate by now, he never made it to the end of his first semester. Gordie Bailey, like hundreds of other young people each year, died of acute alcohol poisoning on September 17, 2004. You can learn more about Gordie’s story and the stark reality of alcohol use on many college and university campuses by watching Haze, a documentary Haze was released this fall by the Gordie Foundation, an organization created in Gordie’s memory to bring awareness to alcohol abuse on college campuses.

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Click on the widget above to watch Haze free online. The documentary features interviews with John McCardell and [CR] Board Member Barrett Seaman.

One Response to “HAZE: The Movie”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Interesting stuff.
    There’s a great piece with disturbing photos on a new website called StopTheWorldIWannaGetOff.com about under age drinking. Check it out. It’s called “Dying for a drink?”