Jonah Goldberg: Legal Age 21 “Deeply Flawed”

This week, Jonah Goldberg of National Review Online picked up the story of a disturbing and bizarre trend among young drinkers: it’s called “eyeballing,” and it first came to light via the Daily Mail in the UK. According to the Washington Examiner, this novel method of alcohol consumption involves pouring liquor directly into one’s eye, supposedly allowing for quicker alcohol absorption into the bloodstream.

The practice, which has received plenty of attention lately, caught Goldberg’s attention yesterday. In commenting on the practice, he published part of an e-mail from St. Lawrence University Professor of Economics Steven Horwitz, who wrote,

“Until we get a sensible policy around alcohol and help young people use it responsibly, and enable colleges to facilitate responsible use for those under 21, we’re going to see more stories like this one.  And we’re going to see more young people injured and dead from high-risk use, and more wasted (no pun intended) potential among those same young people.”

At the end of his series of posts on the subject, Goldberg concurred with Professor Horwitz and added, “I think the 21 drinking age has always been deeply flawed, creating all sorts of perverse unintended consequences.”

What do you think? Is this practice really growing in popularity, and have you seen it anywhere? Leave your feedback in the comments.

One Response to “Jonah Goldberg: Legal Age 21 “Deeply Flawed””

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with its necessary components. It’s not good and it’s stupid that young women and young men are eyeballing. Pouring alcohol into one’s eye is not common sense which is why Jonah Goldberg is correct in that the ageist drinking age encourages problems and not responsibility. Hopefully, eyeballing will significantly decrease and that young adults acknowledge that eyeballing is nonsense. Steven Horwitz is correct in that the stories of alcohol abuse won’t end.