Legal Age 18 clear winner in MSNBC poll!

The drinking age debate has provider fodder for national news this week, starting with PARADE on Sunday and finishing up with a headline story on on Tuesday afternoon. The MSNBC article was accompanied by a poll, which had 163,000 respondents by 11 AM EST on Wednesday August 15.

Should the drinking age be lowered? *163,103 respondents as of 11 AM EST*

  • 30%: NO, I think that could lead to rise in car accident and drinking problems
  • 56%: YES, If people are old enough to serve in the military, they’re old enough to drink
  • 12%: YES, But only if they obtain a “drinking license”
  • 1.3: I don’t know

We are happy to see that lowering the drinking age outright or through a system of education and licensing ([CR]’s proposal) is winning by a long shot! Make sure you take a moment to read the article and weigh in on the poll today.

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