Media update: 8/22

Here is some notable media coverage that appeared Thursday and Friday:

Wall Street Journal
Houston Chronicle
New York Times
WAMC Albany Public Radio “Vox Pop”
Los Angeles Times
Chicago Sun Times

2 Responses to “Media update: 8/22”

  1. Alexandre Says:

    Seems like the issue is finally getting some traction.
    Sincere congratulations!
    One can only wish that the media coverage will give way to thoughtful discussion of the importance of responsible drinking.

  2. Chuck Says:

    I graduated from one of the larger public universities in Florida. I attended during the period when the drinking age was being incrementally increased (mid-eighties)and witnessed the effect of this change. Fewer students had access to alcohol. Fewer students got drunk. Fewer students passed out. Fewer drunken student ran wild in the streets, fraternities, and dormitories. Bing drinking, funneling, quarters, etc. was already a problem regardless of age. What’s needed is education and policing of campuses and enforcement of the law, especially against those selling or providing alcohol to those not yet of legal age.