Moderate intake may prevent bone loss

A recent study at the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University claims that moderate alcohol consumption may help prevent bone loss in older females. Post-menopausal women’s bodies continue to replace old bone cells with newer ones. However, this turnover happens at a much slower rate. Thus, as a woman ages, her bones become more prone to breakage.

Research from this study suggests that alcohol slows the rate at which bones shed cells, and results were noticeable in as little as two weeks. Women who drank up to two drinks per day had denser hips than women who did not. After just two weeks of abstaining from alcohol, blood tests proved that bone loss had increased in women.

2 Responses to “Moderate intake may prevent bone loss”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    I didn’t know that alcohol can acte a lot like medicine. In this case, the medicine would have a powerful positive effect.

  2. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    I have a question for Choose Responsibility:

    Does the National Minimum Drinking Age Act allow people who are 18-20 to drink alcohol in clubs and establishments without needing a parent or spouse? From the Policy Change section of the website, I don’t know if a person who is 18-20 has to be with a parent or spouse to drink at those places.