MSU Health Educator: Lower The Drinking Age

Dennis Martel, Health Education Services Coordinator at Michigan State University’s Olin Health Center, talked about his views on the legal drinking age with reporter Robin Erb in the weekend edition of the Detroit Free Press. Martel said that Legal Age 21 encourages underground drinking and “creates a dangerous situation for young people who do decide to drink.” He believes that a lower drinking age could be part of the solution to the growing problem of binge drinking by young adults. What do you think of his comments?

One Response to “MSU Health Educator: Lower The Drinking Age”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with the alcohol education program. Since the drinking age must be lowered to recognize the age of majority and to encourage alcohol responsibility, Dennis Martel is correct. The 21 drinking age is a danger to those who are 18-20 because when that age group drinks, it’s often binge drinking. Legislators must open their minds and embrace Choose Responsibilty’s plan. Finally, Choose Responsibilty’s plan would effective and don’t forget to comment.