New Medical Amnesty Bill In Michigan

The Michigan Daily reported this week that State Senator Liz Brater has introduced a new bill that’s intended to “protect minors who seek help for individuals in need of medical attention as a result of excessive alcohol consumption — regardless of age.”

“The bill is not designed to encourage minors to drink, but rather to protect those who make the mistake of consuming too much and putting themselves in a potentially dangerous situation,” according to staff reporter Benjamin Chase, who spoke to Brater about the new bill.

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3 Responses to “New Medical Amnesty Bill In Michigan”

  1. Matt Shaw Says:

    I think this is a practical, moderate approach to this issue. It certainly seems more effective than the abstinence-laden zero-tolerance-esque legislative approaches that legislators seem so fond of endorsing. It’s actually the first piece of even-keeled legislation I’ve heard in the news for some time. I like it.

  2. Edwin Says:

    Currently, the drinking of 21 is wrong because it treats all who are 18-20 as potential criminals if they consume alcohol. However, every state must be required to make law a medical amnesty bill, such as that in Michigan, to get help. In addition, regardless of age, everyone should get medical help if needed, especially when alcohol has been involved. Although our country has an incorrect drinking age, it can’t be allowed to stand any longer, thus the drinking age must be made 18 with an alcohol education program.

  3. Jason Morgan Says:

    The Medical Amnesty legislation is certainly a great approach to the issue. Lives should be saved regardless of the offense. A trip to the hospital is punishment enough for sickness due to alcohol.