NYT Economix Blog: Drinking Ages Worldwide

In the past week, the editors of the New York Times‘ Economix blog have discussed a few different maps that illustrate trends around the U.S., from the change in housing prices to the spread of Wal-Mart stores. Earlier this week, the editors broadened the scope of their discussions by using a different map – one that shows the legal drinking age in countries around the world. Check out the map at the Times’ website, and join in the discussion in the comments section.

2 Responses to “NYT Economix Blog: Drinking Ages Worldwide”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The current drinking in our country is incorrect because it refuses to recognize the age of majority, encourages alcohol abuse by those under 21, and is ineffectively enforced. The point is, the drinking must be lowered to 18 along with the alcohol education program, no exceptions. In addition, it’s time to bring this proposal made readily to Congress so that hopefully the National Minimum Drinking Act gets repealed. Don’t forget to comment.

  2. Validub Says:

    In Russia The State Duma considers to raise back drinking to 21.