Parents Required at HS Football Game

Yesterday, reported that Lincoln-Sudbury (MA) High School administrators responded to an underage drinking incident at last week’s football game by instituting a new policy – for tonight’s game, students who want to attend the game must be accompanied by a parent. The policy increases parental involvement in their students’ exposure to alcohol, and perhaps more importantly illustrates the limits that law enforcement officials face in trying to crack down on underage drinking. Boston-area radio station WBUR spoke with Lincoln-Sudbury Superintendent and Principal Jon Ritchie today, and the audio of that interview is available here. MADD Massachusetts spokesman David Diolis reacted to the story by saying, “I think that the important thing that’s happening here is that they’re raising a dialogue, and they’re also raising awareness among the teen’s parents that perhaps there’s a problem. Often times parents are the last ones to know that their teens are drinking or that they perhaps they even have a problem with alcohol.” As Diolis suggested, parents are often in the dark about their young adults’ drinking habits – and the current alcohol laws prohibit these parents from taking proactive steps to help their students learn responsible habits. Why not involve parents earlier, before students drink in dangerous situations and away from supervision?

One Response to “Parents Required at HS Football Game”

  1. Michael Says:

    I believe this just further infantilizes these kids, although it is at least an interested method of raising awareness of parents. I agree however, high school is too late to get the parents to start thinking about alcohol and their kids. And I don’t mean “It’s bad” lectures either.