Portland Press Herald Op-Ed: 21 Doesn’t Work

This morning, the Portland Press Herald published a “Maine Voices” commentary by Michael Waxman, a Yarmouth resident, parent of four, and trial lawyer. In his op-ed, Waxman said he believes Legal Age 21 is “dangerous” and he called on his fellow parents to advocate for a new approach to alcohol education:

“If we can’t do better by our kids than to put our heads in the sand and forget about and deny our own adolescent experiences when it comes to alcohol, then we are dropping the ball in a big way and accepting avoidable and tragic alcohol related deaths of our loved ones.”

Check out the rest of his commentary at the Press Herald site and leave your feedback in the comments.

2 Responses to “Portland Press Herald Op-Ed: 21 Doesn’t Work”

  1. Anthony Rhodes Says:

    Very well written…………

  2. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with its important components. Michael Waxman, writing for the Portland Press Herald, is correct in that the ageist drinking doesn’t instill responsibility about alcohol into everyone aged 18-20. This type of ageism is spreading because the only territory in the United States that has a drinking age of 18 is Puerto Rico. Teaching young women, young men, girls and boys of whom are 17 years old about alcohol responsibility will help them so it’s the most effective way.