“Red Watch Band” Program at Stony Brook University

Earlier this week, Newsday‘s Karla Schuster spoke with several students and administrators at Stony Brook University about a new alcohol education program called “Red Watch Band.” The program teaches students about the signs of alcohol poisoning, covers basic CPR techniques, and creates role-playing exercises that prepare students to call for medical assistance. When asked about the problems associated with alcohol abuse on college campuses, Stony Brook president Shirley Strum Kenny said, “it really doesn’t help to only tell young people they shouldn’t drink. This is a very different thing. It’s ‘Here’s how to keep your friend from dying.’ Optimally, it will have the effect of helping students understand what a toxic level of drink is.”

One Response to ““Red Watch Band” Program at Stony Brook University”

  1. Edwin Says:

    Every university, rather than just conforming to an ageist drinking age, must implement a similar program to this. In addition, the drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with an alcohol education program. Alcohol abuse is a serious and common problem at many universities, thus the two solutions of respecting the age of majority and alcohol education will significantly reduce alcohol abuse. Along with that, universities can also join in by implementing their own program, thus creating a culture of alcohol responsibility.