Risky Drinking: Brian’s Story

Brian Threet was not a big drinker, but one night of heavy drinking — a seemingly normal event in the life of a college student — was one too many. Brian, a 20-year-old student at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, lost his life to alcohol — not as a result of drinking and driving, but because of excessive alcohol consumption itself. 

 The drinking environment that led to Brian’s tragic death was risky, underground, and unfortunately, all too common in college settings. America’s youth needs to change its attitude towards alcohol, and we need to provide them with the means of doing so.

One Response to “Risky Drinking: Brian’s Story”

  1. John Searles Says:

    I’m a little confused here. This young man was found in his bedroom in his own apartment “after a night of partying.” He wan’t on a college campus. I didn’t see anything in the article about a “risky environment.” If he had legal access to alcohol, would things have been different?