San Diego News Network Columnist: “The Failure of Legal Age 21”

Just before the long weekend, Marsha Sutton, the Education Editor for the San Diego News Network, described what she called the failures of Legal Age 21 for parents, educators, and young adults. In her latest column, she wrote, “It’s time we took a fresh look at the youth culture that embraces binge drinking, which can lead to alcoholism, serious medical conditions, date rape, drunk driving and death.”

She concluded by noting that the federal funding penalties attached to the drinking age inhibit meaningful debate about this public health problem and also prevent parents from educating their young adults about responsible drinking:

“It’s not the government’s place to be inserting itself into our kitchens and dining rooms, telling parents how we can or cannot educate our children about the acceptable role of moderate alcohol consumption, when the government itself refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem and continues with laws that make no sense.

We have utterly failed to protect our children from this insidiously cavalier attitude toward alcohol in our society, and it’s well past time we stopped pretending we are addressing the issue with any effectiveness.”

Check out the rest of her column and let us know what you think.

One Response to “San Diego News Network Columnist: “The Failure of Legal Age 21””

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with its important components. Marsha Sutton has done a good thing by telling the problems of the ageist drinking age in a column for the San Diego News Network. Since the government refuses to acknowledge the problems of the 21 drinking age, then there are many people in government who don’t deserve to have their job. Too much government can result in ageism. Failure is the best word to describe the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, which Reagen signed.