Students cited at US-Canada border for alcohol

The separation between the US and Canadian drinking ages was recently exacerbated when 26 Boston-area college students were cited at the US-Canada border for underage possession of alcohol.

The students, who were entering the United States via the Vermont border, had been visiting Quebec, where the drinking age is 18,¬†the Boston Herald reports.¬†While the purpose of the students’ trip to Canada was not specified, the citations indicate the distinction in drinking age made by the adjacent country’s borders.


5 Responses to “Students cited at US-Canada border for alcohol”

  1. Anthony Rhodes Says:

    Alright folks. This has gone on long enough.

  2. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    It is ludacris that a person who is 18-20 can be cited for “underage” possession of alcohol. With contempt, I say that the oppression of the drinking age doesn’t stop at drinking alcohol. It’s good that Quebec province has a drinking age of 18. The university from which the students attend shouldn’t discipline them because getting punished for “underage” possession is enough.

  3. Ajax the Great Says:

    Worse still, in Vermont they can charge an 18-20 year old with “internal possession” if they merely test positive for alcohol, even if it was consumed legally in Quebec and the person wasn’t driving. And they say that America is supposed to be a “free” country?

  4. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    The “internal possession” law needs to be repealed.

  5. Ajax the Great Says:

    Amen, and the same for any other law that cannot be enforced without violating the Fourth Amendment. Unfortunately, Vermont is not the only state with this type of law; several others have it too. However, I know that New York does not have such a law.