Testimonial #4

“As the father of 11- and 13-year old girls, I am trying to educate my daughters about the distinction between enjoying and abusing alcohol, and the dangers of drinking and driving. I applaud your approach. (Of course, I don’t have my girls drinking yet, save for the sip of the ceremonial Kiddish wine at our Shabbas table on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons.)”Similarly, we should educate youth as to the distinction between the use and abuse of at least some of the drugs that are now illegal despite their low potential for harm, e.g., marijuana in particular, and arguably the psychedelics. Used properly and in moderation, such drugs can be valuable aids to relaxation, increased self-awareness, and sensual enjoyment. By teaching kids about the proper use of the relatively benign drugs, we may be able to keep them away from the clearly dangerous ones (e.g., crystal meth., crack cocaine, heroin.).

“It is my understanding that Britain has far more lenient laws than the U.S. regarding teen drinking. I’d be curious how the teen drunk-driving rate compares.

“Keep up the good work. It’s time for American to move away from its Puritanical approach to booze, drugs, and sex, and to view these subjects realistically, i.e., as legitimate adult activities. We teach our teens how to do advanced math, drive cars, and fill out college applications. It’s time we teach them practical adult skills like how to enjoy alcohol, drugs, and sex safely and responsibly.”

Mark, Attorney at Law

One Response to “Testimonial #4”

  1. James Says:


    Teen drunk driving fatalities in Britain are not any where near the high-levels you see here in the states. And that has nothing to do with the drinking age.

    And I find it very odd that CR is promoting a letter that encourages the responsible use of drugs. Wow.