Tufts Daily: Alcohol and Spring Fling

Tufts University administrators recently announced plans to eliminate all alcohol at the school’s annual Spring Fling event, according to Tufts Daily reporter Ellen Kan. The policy change was instituted as a direct reaction to last year’s event, which saw plenty of alcohol-related problems:

“This decision comes after a long discussion about possible policy changes to Spring Fling, partially prompted by last year’s event, which was declared a mass−casualty incident due to the high number of students requiring medical attention for alcohol poisoning.”

Not all students and community members are convinced that the ban will work to reduce binge drinking, however. One Tufts senior told the Daily, “Students aren’t going to stop drinking just because the university isn’t allowing it to happen.” Wicked Local Somerville contributer Meghann Ackermann argued that the change may simply shift the location and intensity of the drinking prior to the event: “I’d be willing to put a fair amount of money on the likelihood that a lot of people will be showing up to Spring Fling already tanked.”

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One Response to “Tufts Daily: Alcohol and Spring Fling”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with education and licensing. It’s not correct that many university students had to be hosptalized because they abused alcohol during last year’s Spring Fling. The ageist drinking age is the culprit behind binge drinking by university students. Tufts University has implemented a ban on alcohol at Spring Fling but young women and young men at the university will go to another place to abuse alcohol. Meghann Ackermann is correct that abuse of alcohol will occur.