University of Iowa Joins Red Watch Band

This year, the issue of toxic drinking has received a tremendous amount of attention at the University of Iowa. A few months ago, the Daily Iowan published an extensive report detailing the problems the University has faced in trying to curb excessive drinking. More recently, Iowa City passed a 21-only bar-entry ordinance in order to discourage underage drinking.

On Tuesday, University administrators kicked off another initiative to continue these efforts. Iowa has joined the Red Watch Band, a nationwide program that trains students to recognize the signs of alcohol poisoning and encourages them to watch out for their fellow students if they have been drinking.

Health Iowa coordinator Tanya Villhauer told the Daily Iowan, “It empowers our students to look out for their friends. They are becoming much more aware of the medical issues surrounding excessive alcohol use.”

Has your school joined the Red Watch Band? Let us know how the program has impacted drinking on your campus in the comments.

One Response to “University of Iowa Joins Red Watch Band”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with education and licensing. I condemn the government of Iowa City for passing an ageist law which won’t decrease “underage” drinking because bars checked for identification before that law. However, it’s good that the University of Iowa has joined the Red Watch program so that young women and young men can recognize the symptoms of alcohol poisoning. Along with this good impowerment, young women and young 18-20 must know that binge drinking doesn’t have benefits.