UT alcohol poisoning incident goes to court

Connor Buchanan, one of several young men accused of involved in a September 2012 anal alcohol ingestion incident at the University of Tennessee, visited court this week to request from a judge that he not loose his drivers license. Buchanan argued that he needs a license to get to school and work, and that he would prefer to enter an alcohol education program instead of loosing his driving privileges.

Though Buchanan asked the judge to sentence him to an alcohol education course instead of loosing his drivers license, he left court with a fine of $96.50. Furthermore, if he does not have any further legal problems in the next 30 days, the charges will be dropped.

It is only with more significant institutional commitments to alcohol education that we will promote more responsible drinking in the United States. Readers, what do you think of this Tennessee judge’s decision for Mr. Buchanan?

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One Response to “UT alcohol poisoning incident goes to court”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    If Connor Buchanan was not a person who poured an alcoholic beverage into another young man’s rectum, then he received a fair sentence. The young man who poured an alcoholic beverage into the rectum of the other young man should get a heavier punishment. A jail sentence would be appropriate. I have been commenting since early 2009, when I was 18, that if the drinking age is lowered to 18 then alcohol education would have to be a component for it. This is the institutional commmitment that will improve the view of alcoholic beverages among young people.