Wall Street Journal: WA Ballot Initiative to Privatize Liquor Sales

Via Join Together, we learned this week that the retail chain Costco is driving a ballot initiative in Washington to privatize liquor sales. Under current law, liquor can only be sold in state-run outlets, while beer and wine can be sold in grocery stores.

David Kesmodel of the Wall Street Journal wrote that successful passage of this ballot initiative could result in “the most sweeping overhaul of any state’s alcohol trade regulations in years,” and that it could lead other states to rethink their own alcohol control laws.

What do you think of this ballot initiative? Check out Kesmodel’s full article for more details (subscription required) and leave your thoughts in the comments.

3 Responses to “Wall Street Journal: WA Ballot Initiative to Privatize Liquor Sales”

  1. Anthony Rhodes Says:

    I know that we advocate dispassionate debate, but how can we win without at least some passion? I personally believe that you can have all the facts on your side and still lose because of a lack of iron resolve. I may have kids in the future and I want them to grow up in a truly free country. A country where you are treated fairly under the law ALL of the time. Not when it only suits the politicians’ agendas.

  2. Marshall Says:

    I think the debate can be passionate, but the argument but remain void of passion.

    Marshall Guthrie
    Western Oregon University

  3. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with its important components. Washington state should allow liquor to be sold in stores other than state-run stores. It’s good that Costco is supporting the initiative to allow this. There’s no logical reason to prohibit stores, which aren’t managed by the state, from allowing liquor because beer is already allowed to be sold in stores not managed by the state. Other states should allow stores to sell any type of alcohol without being restricted to state-run stores.