Washington bill will allow tasting in classes for teens

Washington senators are advancing a proposal that would allow older teenagers to taste alcohol in culinary, beer technology, or similar community college classes. If passed, the bill will enable 18-20 year olds to better understand their course work by responsibly (and under supervision) tasting (though they are not supposed to consume) alcohol.

Though the bill’s intent is to enhance the educational experience of these students and better prepare them for their careers, it has the potential to indirectly promote responsibility by removing the mystique surrounding alcohol for under age drinkers.

3 Responses to “Washington bill will allow tasting in classes for teens”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    No one who is 18 or older is a “teen”, regardless of the suffix. The title for this article should be “Washington Bill Will Allow Tasting in Classes for Those 18-20”. Don’t use the word “teen” for people who are 18 or older because it’s ageist and is detrimental to this movement. When someone says “teen”, it comes with bad connotations that would stall any movement relating to youth rights.

    The bill is good but it’s not even close to getting a drinking age of 18.

  2. Ajax the Great Says:

    Meanwhile, the rest of the world continues to laugh at the USA for the fact that this is even an issue at all. A baby step in the right direction, perhaps, but not even close to an actual drinking age of 18.

    Great point about the power of semantics, Edwin. Though not nearly as offensive as “kids” or “minors”, referring to 18-20 year old young adults as “teens” needlessly conflates them with people well under 18, with all of the perceived negative connotations (in the minds of ageist adults) that come with such a label. Thus, that is another term that we need to jettison from our vocabulary when referring to 18-20 year old men and women, no matter how technical we are trying to be.

  3. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    Any new articles.