10 Most Famous Hazing Cases

Our friends at Online Colleges shared a pieceĀ on the 10 Most Famous Hazing Cases to Land in Court. This compilation of information about hazing, and the number of high profile cases in recent years, speaks to the gravity of the crime and to the consequences of not choosing to teach responsibility.

Readers, we invite your thoughts on Online Colleges’ piece.

One Response to “10 Most Famous Hazing Cases”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    A reason why hazing happens is because there is intolerance against new members of an organization or job. From stories of hazing in college from I have read, I think this is the explanation. I encourage states to have laws that are effective in punishing students who have hazed another student. It shouldn’t take more than a few years for a Fraternity brother to be charged for injuring or involved in the killing of a member for hazing.