10 Sobering Stats on College Drinking Deaths

Our friends at Online Colleges shared some sobering facts on college drinking with us this week, and the information proved too salient not to share it with you. While we are keenly aware of the pervasiveness of binge drinking on college campuses, reading cold hard facts–especially on death–painfully reminds us of the ineffectiveness of MLDA 21. We’ll be examining each of these 10 truths individually in the next several days.

1. Nearly 2,000 students die from alcohol related injuries each year.

2. College drinking deaths rose 27.6% between 1999 and 2005.

3. Freshmen account for nearly one-third of college student deaths.

4. 53% of students have experienced depression, and less than one-third seek help.

5. At least one student has died from drinking in college hazing rituals every year for the last four decades.

6. In 82% of hazing deaths, copious amounts of alcohol are a common denominator.

7. Chico State University student Matthew Carrington died from binging on water.

8. Eighty-three of the college student deaths between 1999 and 2005 were of underage students.

9. At a .15 BAC, the chances of a car accident are 200% higher.

10. At Colorado State University, a student died of alcohol poisoning with a BAC of .436.


One Response to “10 Sobering Stats on College Drinking Deaths”

  1. Ajax the Great Says:

    Just wanted to point out an error in the stats. #9 should read 200 TIMES higher, not 200% higher. 200 times higher is equal to about 20,000% higher, while 200% higher is equal to 3X higher.