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CR President Barrett Seaman on HuffPost Live TODAY!

Monday, January 14th, 2013

CR President Barrett Seaman will participate in a conversation on HuffPost live TODAY at 12.30pm ET to discuss Colorado State Senator Greg Brophy’s proposed bill to legalize consumption for people 18-20 in the presence of their parents. According to the Huffington Post, the bill comes from the place of a concerned parent who sees the difficulty in imbuing his child with responsibility if he cannot teach her himself. Hence, he proposed the bill after taking his 20 year old daughter to dinner and not being able to share a glass of wine with her. And on Friday, he wrote on his Facebook page,

 Why is it appropriate for the State to deny parents the ability to show their adult kids how to responsibly consume adult beverages in a public setting? Those same kids are often turned completely loose to attend college hundreds of miles from home and completely unsupervised. Those same kids will be able to consume adult beverages completely unfettered on their 21st birthday. (ignoring the fact that they will have nearly unfettered access between the time they leave your home and that 21st birthday) Why on earth would you want to deny responsible parents the chance to expose their own kids to the effects of this product while with their parents?

Senator Brophy has taken a bold step towards empowering parents to teach their children to drink alcohol responsibly BEFORE they are “taught” to drink by their peers. Watch Barrett Seaman respond on HuffPost Live today by clicking here.


Inmates sue alcoholic beverage companies

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Five inmates from Idaho are suing several alcohol producers for allegedly duping them about the effects of alcohol. Their $1 billion law suit is based on the premise that alcohol caused the inmates’ crimes. They also argue that they would never have had a drink had they known that drinking could lead to alcoholism. The inmates fail to comment on their own personal responsibility.

Read the full article here.

A sobering beginning

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Happy New Year on behalf of the entire Choose Responsibility team. I hope your holidays were as meaningful and restful as mine. A new year means a clean slate for many things–workout regimens, healthier eating–but unfortunately the facts surrounding America’s drinking culture are not wiped clean.

A recent Forbes article by David Skorton (Cornell University President) and Glenn Altschuler (Cornell University Dean) paints a vivid picture of high-risk college drinking and comments on the consequences of students teaching each other to drink. In questioning whether students arrive at college as heavy drinkers or become heavy drinkers once they matriculate, the authors concede,

…college life may cause individual students to dial up the amount and frequency with which they drink. “A Call to Action: Changing the culture of drinking at U.S. colleges,” a report by the NIAAA-supported Task Force on College Drinking, presents evidence of higher alcohol use among undergraduates than peers who do not attend college and attributes it to a perception of alcohol as central to college life. Arriving on campus anxious to establish their place in a new setting, first-year students learn from upperclass men and women “that alcohol is a necessary ingredient for social success. These beliefs and the expectations they engender exert a powerful influence over students’ behavior toward alcohol.

Unwiling to conclude without a call to action, Skorten and Altschuler concede ask parents to have a candid conversation with their children about their drinking, their children’s drinking, and their children’s peers. Many parents are unaware of the way college drinking has changed since their own undergraduate years, and they might be surprised by what their students have to say.