30 years after its signing, CNN highlights the MLDA discussion

John McCardell speaks with CNN regarding the benefits of providing a responsible drinking environment. Currently, underage drinking “is taking place behind closed doors, where it’s much more dangerous. It’s unsupervised,” [McCardell] said. “It’s out of step with social reality.”

In its 30th year of existence, CNN summarizes the debate on the legal drinking age here

The article compares the drinking regulations and culture in the U.S. with those of often-cited European countries, from early childhood to college-age drinking, and addresses the validity of the “forbidden fruit” argument, among other related topics.

How is today’s discussion different from the one held in 1984?

One Response to “30 years after its signing, CNN highlights the MLDA discussion”

  1. Stella Says:

    I’m glad this is still regarded as an important issue that is subject to change. But if the debate was more openly public, that would be way better.