44, 2000

We recently published a list of 10 Sobering Stats on College Drinking and promised to examine each statistic individually. “Roughly 2,000 college students die annually of overconsumption of alcohol was number 1 on a list of 10 painful reminders of the ineffectiveness of MLDA 21”.┬áNot only do 2,000 college students, who likely learn to drink in unsafe, sequestered environments, die annually, but 44% of college students report binge drinking.

The Harvard School of Public Health 1999 College Alcohol Study surveyed students on 119 college campuses throughout the country and found that 44% of U.S. college students engaged in binge drinking during the two weeks before the survey. While we often think of binge drinking as something more serious than 5 drinks consumed by males or 4 drinks consumed by females, it remains true that drinking beyond this threshold is correlated to a host of negative outcomes.Even more troubling is the fact that binge drinking on college campuses has INCREASED by 56% since the drinking age was altered in the 1980s.

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