60 Minutes Bonus Video

The producers of 60 Minutes posted some exclusive bonus video that was cut from the final version of our segment. Lesley Stahl sat down with a group of college students and talked about the culture of binge drinking on campuses across the country, as well as common drinking games.

If you haven’t seen the full segment already, it’s available here. Check it out!

4 Responses to “60 Minutes Bonus Video”

  1. Edwin Says:

    It’s good to hear that 60 Minutes has decided to show a serious debate on the ineffective and ageist drinking age. With that, binge drinking games as said, are common in universities, however students should see that drinking games is alcohol abuse. As well, the drinking age must be lowered to 18 with the program implemented. Finally, if you click the link “Edwin” above, it will take you to change.org’s Choose Responsibility web page where you may add it to your nonprofits on your change.org user profile.

  2. Edwin Says:

    Correction: you can type Choose Responsibility on the search engine to add it to your change.org user profile.

  3. LInda Birdsall Says:

    I thank you so much for bringing this issue into the lime light. I am a mother of two teens. I am part of the generation that was legal to drink at age 18. I do not remember any major educational efforts back then that heightened the awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving, or of alcohol poisening when I was a teenager. We didn’t even have to wear seat belts. The efforts along these lines have come along way. My teens are aware of the dangers, while at their age I can say I was not!

    So education and information is 100 times better than what it was back then.

    I am a firm believer in teaching responsibilty to our kids. I am in the NJ suburbs. The kids today are doing nothing different than what kids have done for generations before us. Alcohol is their first experiment. Now it starts around 8th grade and goes up from there. I started drinking in my freshman year of high school. The fact is that kids have always drank. So the question to myself as a parent is how to keep my kids safe through this life experience of introduction to alcohol. This is very hard to do since everything is underground. We as parents have been stripped of our ability to teach our children about alcohol. I want my kids and their friends to learn how to drink, when to stop drinking, when enough is enough. What the effects of alcohol are for their body weight etc.., and what the effects of to much alcohol are. I want them to know this before they get their drivers license, not after their driving. How are they suppose to learn? Who teaches them. The bar tender at the 21st. birthday party?

    Teaching responsibility, lowering the age, and giving kids home, adult controlled drinking experiences, might take some of the tabbo fun out of alcohol and their need to binge drink. As by the time they hit driving and college = been their done that, its not quite as special or necessary for them to go there.

  4. Validub Says:

    It will be a good idea to set the law that enables the total ban on driving after having drink.Must be 0.0 BAC to drive motor vehicle.Even you take single beer,than forget your driving.
    For example,countries like Ukraine and Russia maintain laws like that.America must do the same.