A Mom for Responsibility

Lela Davidson, blogger of all things parenthood, offered a provocative perspective on alcohol education in her kids’ schools on yesterday’s MSNBC TODAYMoms blog. Davidson gives a humorous yet frank analysis on the alcohol education her children received in school. Her youngsters have apparently been taught that all alcohol is evil incarnate, and they consequently police their parents’ drinking. She writes (read the full article here),

Pouring a drink is legal, healthy and perfectly acceptable adult behavior…And yet, my 6th and 8th grader are increasingly on my case whenever they catch me with a corkscrew in hand. Maybe instead of inundating our children with the dangers of alcohol, we ought to be educating them about its proper and diverse uses, such as celebrating special occasions…

Davidson reminds her readers that children could or should learn about drinking responsibly while also being reminded of the harms of drinking irresponsibly.

Moms what have you taught your children about choosing responsibility?

3 Responses to “A Mom for Responsibility”

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  2. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    Alright MSNBC! I watch MSNBC. Lela Davidson is right about alcohol education. What her children have been taught in school about alcohol is incorrect because when learning about lessons which can be applied, responsible drinking must be included. Instead of the subject about alcohol sounding like something from the 1910s, it should cover the truth and more in a moderate manner. I agree with Lela Davidson that teaching young people about responsible alcohol drinking for special occasions is good. I think that girls and boys who are 17 should be allowed to drink with the supervision of their parents. If the girl or boy drinks without parental supervision, then the girl or boy can be charged with unsupervised drinking; carrying punishment only for that person.

  3. Ajax the Great Says:

    One of the law’s best kept secrets is that in 33 states (such as NY), children of any age are legally allowed to drink at home with parental supervision (within reason). In Wisconsin and a handful of other states, this extends to public places as well. Of course, in the remaining 17 states (such as PA and VT), no one under 21 is allowed to consume any alcohol anywhere, period (except perhaps for religious reasons in church).