Alcohol and Motor Control

Experiments have shown that despite age, the adolescent brain actually maintains better balance, reaction time, and hand eye coordination than an adult brain under the same level of alcohol impairment. While some researchers use that evidence to assert that it allows young adults to get drunker before becoming incapacitated, is it not an equally valid assertion that under the same level of alcohol impairment the young adult driver would perform better than the older driver?

6 Responses to “Alcohol and Motor Control”

  1. Edwin Says:

    This is the time to lower the drinking age to 18. The National Minimum Drinking Age Act was a blunder. An 18 year old is an adult and as an adult, should have the right to drink. The rights of the minority (18-20) must be protected from tyranny of the majority. Change the drinking age to 18 NOW!

  2. Rita Says:

    Is there room in this experiment for the experience and wisdom of the older driver? And, I don’t mean an 80 year person. What this tells the young driver (Who thinks they are invincible) While, impaired they are able to drive a car.

  3. Alyn Says:

    If society wasn’t so backwards, and would be teach the effects and ramification or drug/alcohol misuse and abuse, certain situations could be avoided. I got a DUI after 8.5 yrs of drinking and driving. Starting when I was 16. Would have never thought it would be me gettin pulled over. Mathematically, over 1000 times drinkin and drivin during those 8.5yrs. Motor skills, for the most part were great. I always felt in control completely. Could have been my love for cars and drivin/racing/autocross, or maybe I just had good responses and instincts. While I was one of the smart ones, I was also one of the idiots. Thinkin back, some of the situations I was in could have gotten ugly, I’m very lucky I never hurt anyone. Flyin around an interchange on the xpressway and having the back end kick out 4 times left & right with a 2 lane/ full concrete barrier, and coming out fine, or falling asleep behind the wheel, and waking up to the car being 3 lanes over after a turn/bend in the road. Yeah, Scary. Even the 130+ mph in the rain. Downright dumb. Given the right scenario, the right knowledge of drugs and alcohol, drinkin at the age of 18 is a fine thing in my book. If you’re an out of control drinker that gets blurred vision, slurred speech, the inability to be a human, no, its not for you. I personally did have my good and idiot moments. Passed my DUI field sobriety test. Everyone handles alcohol differently. Soon enough, all states will have the .05 legal limit on dui. Go figure. Its the people that cause harm and damages that go free while the people that get caught once, pay the harshest price. Statistics can be twisted and manipulated so badly, it sickens me. If the facts that were true were actually put in the correct statistics, things would be different. Bit since that won’t happen, don’t count on a lower drinkin age. Those good ol days won’t ever live again. At least not in our lifetime. Keep in mind. I’m 25.

  4. Jessica C Says:

    As an individual grows up, their body changes positively and negatively, as well as their mind. Although an 80-year maybe wiser, his/her body cannot uphold the same strength as a 20 year old. Maturity is a steady but irregular progression in everyone’s life. The process is different for each individual and continues throughout life and is not complete at the age of 21. To put an age where a person is mature enough to consume a drink is only an act of assumption. There are no test or required educational approaches to consume alcohol when one is “of age.” If the substance is so dangerous that it causes fatal car accidents, it should be tested just like a person’s driving skills are. Adults over the age of 21 are unfortunately the cause of alcohol related accidents as well as non-alcohol related accidents. Statistics from Thomas’ Senate Vote Analysis stated, “Young drivers are involved in one of every five fatal auto accidents. Almost 60 percent of fatally injured teenagers were found to have alcohol in their blood; 43 percent of those were legally intoxicated. Five thousand of those killed on our highways each year are teenagers – a fifth of all auto fatalities – although teenagers account for only 10 percent of all drivers and travel only 9 percent of all miles driven.” According to these numbers stated on the Senate floor, 1290 drunk teens out of 25,000 total accidents is not 20% as they claim, but in reality that is only 5%.

  5. Lacey Says:

    I seriously do not understand why the drinking age was ever raised to 21. At 18, you are considered an adult and are trusted enough to vote, join the military, hold public office, do pretty much anything besides drinking. And because younger people have better hand eye coordination, reaction time, and control over their body, what’s the point? If you look at drinking and driving statistics, you’ll find that its not the teenagers and younger people who are getting into the most accidents. In fact, the most common ages for DUI’s and drinking and driving accidents across the country is ages 25-35. Hmm. And just because the law changed to 21, that doesn’t mean that teenagers have stopped drinking. It really just means that they are forced to be less responsible with drinking overall.

  6. SteeezySea Says:

    One must be careful when mixing alchohol with motor control, especially driving. To consume a lot of alchohol and go for a joyride is simply umblethefa…It’s stupid! Next time your going out to party, and alchohol’s involved, be safe and make the right decisions, for your sake and for the others you might injur in the process…