Alcohol Education at UConn: Remember Last Night

Grace Merritt of The Hartford Courant wrote an article this week detailing a new student-run alcohol education program at the University of Connecticut called “Remember Last Night.” The program is being run by UConn professor Carolyn Lin, and it “doesn’t try to stop students from drinking, but rather attempts to get them to consume alcohol safely.” The campaign uses student-produced videos, PSAs, t-shirts, and campus events to spread the word about the dangers of reckless drinking. Read Merritt’s article for all the details, and check out the official Remember Last Night site here.

3 Responses to “Alcohol Education at UConn: Remember Last Night”

  1. Edwin Says:

    Alcohol education is important in establishing a drinking age at 18 so that alcohol abuse may be discouraged. What the University of Connecticut professor is doing is one part of Choose Responsibility’s plan to lower the drinking age and because of that, there’ll be success and not failure. In addition, it’s good that the student led program doesn’t focus on prohibition but a more effective message-alcohol responsibility. Finally, don’t forget to comment every blog you read.

  2. AW Says:

    Good read! More colleges need to take note then maybe America will wake up!

  3. Sean Says:

    I’d really rather these people work to lower the absurdly outrageous tuition costs than have them try to wash their hands of the kids drinking problems.

    This is about them not having to deal with kids drinking. If a 19 year old is found drinking on campus, campus security is called and deals with it.

    If a 19 year old is legally allowed to drink, guess what, the school doesn’t have to do anything about it.

    I do believe the drinking age should be lowered, but they really ought to be more honest about their reasons for supporting this.

    And seriously, stop wasting your time on this and maybe lower tuition to… say… THIRTY THOUSAND A YEAR?